Billie Indian

Cei doi se numesc Signature si au participat la Britain’s Got Talent - un soi de Dance Megastar al insularilor - ajungind in semifinale, apoi in finala din 2008, cu acest mix dement intre Michael Jackson si Bollywood dance. Au fost infrinti de catre un pusti, George Sampson, care danseaza si el foarte bine, dar nu are farmecul celor doi - parerea mea. Claudiu, pe cind un duet cu indienii de la Orion? :D

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  1. christin_96 Says:

    He is a really great guy. it really pissed me off because before he died everyone was calling him gay and making stupid jokes about him and now that he is dead everyone is starting to appreciate him a lot more. its sad because i know his kids heard some of the jokes and that probably upset them a lot. if someone talked about my parents in a bad way i would kick their X@@##! but there is no way they could stand up to all of them people. MICHAEL JACKSON is da best! :D

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